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I liked this. It was a fun little cooking sim, and then... I cooked a foot. 10/10 would cook human flesh again :D


really wasn't expecting the foot, this game was in the first half of my video feel free to check it out!
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"Unreal Engine is exited due to D3D device being lost". It should be called Unreliable Engine.

Hmm that's strange, does it happen every time you try open the game?  

Yes. It probably wouldn't run anyway, so troubleshooting might be a waste of time honestly.


Hi loved the game. my question do you plan on expanding the game? If so you should a scoring for online to compete amongest other players or had little other mini games to keep the score going! but i loved the twisted ending!

Hi! I had so much fun playing! yet i'm not sure whether my sanity survived . . .


so much fun

it says thanks for downloading but DOESN'T DOWNLOAD i'm pissed

I just tested it myself and works for me, there should be a ChopChop.7z in your downloads folder which you can unzip with 7zip. If there isn't you could try restarting your browser or reloading the page. You could also try clear the cache, here's a guide on how to do that:


such a weird game... but I enjoyed this!


I'll be honest, I was expecting a twist in-game, like you were actually chopping someone up, but it's a straight up cooking sim, and a good one at that.

Liked it.

there is a twist...

I thought that's what it was when it said "You are having a friend for dinner"


This Game is hilarious, i really wish it was longer. Good Job Dev

A nice but very short game with super sounds. Ran well and looked cool. Well done... :)